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 Continuous innovation tolerance failure
Continuous innovation is the power and source of the survival and development of enterprises, to create the most competitive enterprises in plate boutique, to create a strong atmosphere of innovation, always support staff innovation, technology innovation, management innovation, system innovation and innovation environment; to appear in the work of innovation failure, understanding and tolerance, to encourage, to innovation has become a kind of quality, a spirit, a kind of fashion.
      Marketing concept:
      To create value for users, for the enterprise to win friends.
       In twenty-first Century marketing, "creating value" advocate is not simply the sale of content for the user, but to work hard for users to create in the other for households where there is no or no value, so that they become the enterprise to repeat, enterprises become the ultimate friend.
       Safety concept:
      Life is priceless, safety is the day. Life for everyone only once, we should respect life, cherish life. Safety first, prevention first; safety is the essence of the production and operation of the demand, only in the worker's life safety, to ensure the normal operation of equipment and facilities protection, enterprises can be sustained, healthy and harmonious development.


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