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Anticorrosion measures of petroleum casing
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Anticorrosion measures of petroleum casing
1, do a good job of water quality standards, strict water quality testing and management. The implementation of clean water injection, to strengthen the main water pipe cleaning, so that the station, the bottom of the water quality standards, reduce the corrosion of the source into the annular space;
2, has been put into production of new wells, to take the sterilization of the main protection of the annulus protection fluid, and the formation of a system, regular investment;
3, due to mechanical abrasion acceleration effect on oil casing corrosion in oil pipe coupling with a rubber ring or a centralizer in serious deviation position, to avoid in the process of operation and in the process of water injection tubing casing and casing side contact scratch;
4, in view of the serious corrosion of bacteria under the scale and the slow growth of high temperature SRB and kill the situation, can be regularly injected into the annulus temperature of 100 degrees Celsius of high-temperature water or steam to kill SRB;
5, in the water injection well casing corrosion has not been effectively controlled, it is not recommended to promote the use of cathodic protection and coating casing.

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